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Gateway to the European Union
European Social Fund Hungarian Program Coordinating Agency
National executive organizations
Ministry of Local Government
Ministry of Health
Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour
Ministry of National Development and Economy
Ministry of Transport, Telecommunication and Energy
Ministry of Justice and Law Enforcement
Ministry of Defence
Ministry of Environment and Water
Ministry of Foreign Affairs For The Republic of Hungary
Ministry of Education and Culture
Ministry of Finance
Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development
Regional executive institutions
DKMT - The Danube-Kris-Mures-Tisa Regional Cooperation
South-Plain Region
Local Governments
South-Plain Regional Executive Office
South-Plain Regional Labour Center
Directorate for Environmental Protection and Water Management of Lower Tisza District
National professional organizations
National Development Agency
National Office for Research and Technology
Agricultural and Rural Development Agency
Operational Programme for Regional Development
Hungarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Chamber of Hungarian Agriculture
Chamber of Hungarian Architects
National Civil Fund
Hungarian Investment and Trade Development Agency
The Hungarian Foundation for Enterprise Promotion
VÁTI Hungarian Public Nonprofit Company for Regional Development and Town Planning
Regional professional organizations
Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Csongrád County
Chamber of Agricultural of Csongrád County
Development organizations
South-Plain Regional Development Agency
County Area Development Councils
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