About DITAK (South Great Plain Innovation Business Network)

Due to the expansion of knowledge-economy and increasing market competition, the cooperation between organizations and network operations has a key role. Innogrant Consulting institutionalized its cooperative work with its research and business strategic partners for the sake of compliance with challenges and reaching the goals written above, even with the utilization of subvention opportunities provided by the research policy of the EU. Members of the DITAK  Business Innovation Network - based on previous cooperation and years of experience - realized that with the organization of innovation and activities more complex and competitive services are feasible, and with this higher costumer demands will be met.

The aim and intention of the founders was to establish such an organization that is able to facilitate the incubation of small and medium-sized enterprises by providing complex service packages; that is able to establish spin-off enterprises by taking advantage of the connections of university and research units. Furthermore, it is able to reveal the break-out points of firms with innovation potential. By means of these activities, the network can fulfill a very serious role in the promotion of local employment and we hope that it can contribute to the improvement of the region’s competitiveness.  
The foundation of DITAK-cooperation is the integration of additional competences necessary on the counseling market in order to achieve synergy-effect, critical mass, the economies of scale, and the optimal exploitation of capacities along with effective lobbying.
Members of DITAK are the folowings:
The main profile of the enterprise is designing, carrying out and supporting computer networks and information technology systems. Cisco, HP and Intel reseller.
Services for customers:
  • IT developments-related counselling;
  • Delivering configurations on demand;
  • Remote control;
  • Planning and carrying out computer science and IT safety systems; 
  • Adaptation of existing IT systems;
  • System control.
Factory Creative Studio Ltd. is the biggest rural integrated agency and software development company in Hungary. It started its activity one decade ago with graphic design, creative agency and commercial industry tasks. By now there is a significant R&D activity, software and new platform development. 
Services for customers: 
  • Factory Creative Studio Ltd. offers "onair, online, onpaper" solutions alike, and it is able to operate both in international business and on home market:  it performs R&D activity, unique software development, offers multiscreen solutions and brand building.
INNOGRANT Consulting Ltd.
Innogrant Consulting Ltd. provides complex business services on the field of innovative counselling, K+F project development and resource mediation. Its mission is to promote the development of innovation-oriented enterprises and to strengthten the university-industry connections. The company has a key role in managing of DITAK.
Services for customers:
  • Strategic planning, making a development project portfolio;
  • Leader counselling, business modelling;
  • Innovation counselling, innovation management;
  • Withdrawing and promoting resources;
  • Project management for tenders;
  • Technology – to guarantee transfer.
Laser Consult Ltd.
Laser Consult Ltd. was founded in 1992 with the intention to assist their clients starting from the innovative idea to the selling of the intellectual product by providing complex innovative management services. The company’s key competencies: development of innovation project, technology transfer, facilitate the cooperation between university-industry, writing studies.
Services for customers:
  • Providing technology-transfer services;
  • Services to help the university-industry cooperation;
  • Working out and applying modern innovative systems;
  • Creating feasibility studies, regional and sectoral innovation-political strategies, aids, university and enterprise underlying documents.


Provice Ltd.

The company, which was established in 2002, is a determining player of Hungarian management consultancy market. They have reached the long-time confidence of their strategic partners by providing high-quality business and IT consuelling services, and with the profession of their collegues.

Services for customers:

  • development of strategy orientation;
  • organizational project coordination improvement;
  • operational excellence development;
  • IT consuelling;
  • IT system introduction and integration;
  • regional and network development management.
Szinergia Ltd. was established in 1994, it is a fully Hungarian and internally owned business enterprise on the grounds of Hungarian change management, leadership counselling, project management and trainings. 
The goal of the company is „During our activity, cognition, looking for results, execution and utilizing experiences manifest themselves in a concentric, self-supporting procedure. This provides facilities for us to share our experiences gained in change management, operational development and project management with our clients during our training programs and the relization of projects.”
Services for our customers:
  • Change management;
  • Leadership counseling;
  • Project management;
  • Trainings.


Scientific and Technological  (TéT) Foundation  

TéT Foundation was founded in order to promote home and international scientific, research and development activities. Its main priority is the support and expansion of the Hungarian K+F society’s international connections as well as the broadening of the international K+F cooperation of the research institutions, university research sites and enterprises. 
Services for customers:
  • Making a project proposal;
  • Providing tender counseling/expertise;
  • Project management;
  • Seizing up K+F resources;
  • Looking for partners;
  • Building consortium;
  • Dissemination of scientific results.
Directorate for Research and Development and Innovation of the University of Szeged
Amongst the most important resonsibilities of the Directorate for Research and Development and Innovation of the University of Szeged, there are the management of  the activities of research and development at the university, the utilization of intellectual products and the handling of the institution’s portfolio. It is also responsible for keeping in touch with strategic partners, spin-off enterprises and clusters - operating with the involvement of the University of Szeged - as well as the creation and management of tenders dealing with the development of innovative social institution. The Directorate provides services for external partners too.
Services for customers: 
  • It undertakes the analysis of the marketability of intellectual products, the creation of business concepts and the hunt for potential partners. 
  • It provides innovation counselling services, and it also coordinates the cooperation of the international institutional technology transfer.


University of Szeged Research Centre of Excellence (SZTE KKK)

Due to the results of scientific research, innovation successes and teachers with outstanding academic activities, the University of Szeged won 2,856,331,580 Ft financial support for setting up a Research University Centre of Excellence  in 2010, on one of the applications of the Social Renewal Operational Programme of the New Hungary Development Plan, called "To improve the quality of higher education through the improvement of the education of research-development-innovation" (TÁMOP-4.2.1.B-09/1/KONV). Holding the University Research Centre of Excellence title, the SZTE will implement internationally renowned, professional-quality researches in 5 high priority sub-programs in the next two years. Each research sub-programs are key areas in the forefront of international research. 
The 5 high priority sub-programs:
  • Super Laser Sub-program,
  • The Chemistry, materials science, drug discovery sub-program,
  • Molecular biology, genetics, medicine sub-program, 
  • Environmental Sciences, Energy sub-program,
  • Information Society sub-program.
The Regional University Knowledge Centre for Environmental and Nanotechnology (KNRET) 
The Regional University Knowledge Centre for Environmental and Nanotechnology (KNRET) was founded in 2005 with 10 consortium members under the leadership of the University of Szeged. It was renamed in 2011: its new name was Research Centre for Management.
After the program has expired, by developing gained knowledge and innovative potential, the organization became such a unit of the University of Szeged that specifically dealt with the management of university and industry relations. Its aim is to build partnerships and cooperations. 
Services for customers: 
  • Professional k+f project management;
  • Industry-oriented research;
  • Administration of payoff and keeping in touch;
  • Paying attention to new K+F tenders, infoming partners;
  • Preparation of K+F contracts;
  • Creating a research knowledge base (organizing the cooperation among departments);
  • Creation of a project database;
  • Establishing new industrial relations/facilitate the cooperation among partners;
  • Organizing programs (meetings, conferences);
  • Giving legal advice, handling legal debates.